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Get To Know Us

Aaron Moomaw,
Licensed Oregon Realtor 

Interviewed by, Lauren:

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Portland, a place I feel lucky to call home. All my roots are planted here and I care deeply about being a positive light in our city. 

Where do you live? I live in Cedar Hills and love our 50’s ranch style house. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to a single level ranch. Likely because it reminds me of our grandparents' home in Walnut Creek, CA, which was my favorite place on earth.

Do you have a bucket list? Spending a month in Spain hiking the Camino de Santiago was at the top of my list, but I have two amazing young children now and the Camino is on the backburner. One day I’ll get there. And maybe it will be with my kids. 

Can you share about your kids? I have a 7yo, Bennett, who had a severe brain injury at birth and is nonmobile and nonverbal. I’m always thinking about creative ways to enrich his life. He’s such a miracle. I also have the sweetest 5yo old daughter, Farrah, who is super excited about life. It’s been so fun watching her learn to swim, do gymnastics, and recently participating with her in a parent-kid dancin’ and twirlin’ class :) 

Why did you become a Realtor? I was inspired by a mentor in highschool who was a realtor. He really cared about his community and spending time with family. He was also super dedicated to his craft and provided exceptional service to his clients. As I imagined my future, I saw real estate as an opportunity to have a job I’d be passionate about, while providing me the ability to show up consistently in my kids’ lives. 

Aaron Moomaw, Realtor in Portland, Oregon

What do you consider to be the most exciting moment in our job? After 18 years, I still get really excited when a client's offer gets accepted. When it’s multiple offers, I’ll literally get off the phone with the listing agent and do a little happy dance. 

Do you have any personal goals? I had a goal to hike all of Wildwood trail (30 miles) in Forest Park in one day. Last June I accomplished this goal. It was one of the most magical days of my life. Now it’s my goal to repeat the hike every summer. 

What’s your favorite podcast? I truly admire Rick Rubin. I’m loving his new podcast, Tetragrammaton. I just listened to a fascinating episode with these insanely smart and nutty scientists, Andrew Huberman Ph.D (he has an interesting podcast I listen to as well called, The Huberman Lab) and Dr. Jack Kruse.

Are you reading anything good? I recently finished The Last Lion trilogy about the life of Winston Churchill. My wife is thrilled the constant Churchill fact dropping has subsided :) I try to read three books a month; a memoir/biography, a spiritual or philosophical book, and something in the business genre. 

When you’re not helping our clients buy and sell houses, what do you like to do? An ideal day includes pooltime with my kids, I love hiking with my wife, Kelly, I enjoy cooking for friends, going on road-trips, camping, live music, summer dinners with the fam in our parents backyard, and cheering for the Blazers. 

Lauren Moomaw,

Licensed Oregon Realtor 

Interviewed by, Aaron: 

Where are you from? Portland, born at Good Samaritan on 23rd Ave! Just like you, but two years later.

Where do you live now? In Cully! When I was looking to buy my first home, I wanted a big yard and a little house, which is exactly what I found in 2012. I love this neighborhood, I always say it feels like the country in the city.


What are your core values? I deeply value personal growth and learning, as well as curiosity and compassion.

What are your hobbies? I have many passions - I'll narrow it down to three.

- Studying NVC (non-violent communication) which is a practice in compassionate communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg. I believe it can change the world for the better, and already has.

- Capsule wardrobing and minimalism. After learning about capsule closets in 2014, I was hooked. I currently have 28 pieces in my wardrobe (including shoes), and it’s more than enough!

- All forms of personality systems! I’m a real cognitive functions and enneatype nerd. 

Why did you decide to get into real estate? I have always enjoyed working with people, and when you, Aaron, asked me to join your team, it was an easy yes and I immediately saw the potential. Glad I did. 

Lauren Moomaw, Realtor in Portland, Oregon

What’s your favorite part of our job? Listening to clients and getting to know them, then supporting the process to actualize their dreams. 

Do you have any unique skills that help you as a Realtor? I believe the way NVC has integrated into my communication helps our clients feel heard and understood. I like taking time to listen to their story and focus on their needs. I want them to feel supported every step of the way, while simultaneously ensuring they feel grounded in their agency.

What were you doing before becoming a Realtor? For almost 8 years, I was the director and founder of a local non-profit, TaborSpace. It was dreamy! We, as-in members from the congregation and from the neighborhood, transformed a historic church in Mt Tabor into a community gathering place, with a volunteer-run coffee shop in the belltower. 


What’s your favorite podcast? Wiseheart PDX! Also, Samin Nosrat’s podcast she created with her friend Hrishi during the pandemic called, Home Cooking. It’s really funny, I wish there were more episodes! My son Coen loves Samin, too. We like to cook together while listening and Coen always says, “I love her laugh!”.


How would you spend your ideal day in Portland? A quiet morning at home, in the garden. Then a hike with my family in Tryon, followed by coffee and lunch at Maplewood Cafe. Ending with a BBQ at a friend's house or going to see live music. 

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